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Allure Best of Beauty 2023: Best Clean Hair Oil Winner

"Why it won: Applying a few drops of the delicate Squigs Gooseberry Delight Hair Oil feels like a halo of light. The silicone-free formula is that good at quieting flyaways and coddling sensitive scalps. I use this as a conditioning treatment at night and smoothing oil in the morning. It makes my hair so shiny and has a pleasant citrus scent."  READ MORE

“Everything about Squigs, from its formulations to its packaging, is designed to make it easier to cultivate happiness through beauty. Not to mention the deep blue color of the serum, which delivers an instant serotonin boost based on the cute packaging alone."  READ MORE

"Since I started integrating the oil into my routine regularly, I've received non-stop compliments on how healthy my hair looks. I couldn't believe what a difference a few extra hours of soaking had made. My hair looked strong and reflective, and there was no heaviness or greasiness leftover whatsoever.” READ MORE


 "Squigs is a new beauty brand looking to transform how you approach your “headcare” routine. Inspired by traditional Ayurvedic Indian hair oiling, a practice Charuza has personally practiced herself for many years, she developed the Gooseberry Delight Hair Oil. It’s a natural, synthetic-free oil derived from the Gooseberry plant and designed to nourish your scalp for cleaner, shinier, healthier hair. Given Squigs’s dedication to headcare, the brand is donating a percentage of all proceeds to a mental health charity."


Byrdie Beauty Awards 2022: "Best Hair" Oil Winner

Byrdie's Eco Beauty Award 2022 "Best Do It All Hair Product" Winner

 "Cracking open the box of Squigs products just feels downright good. It takes me back to the theme of conversations Charuza and I would have at work about the idea of "perfection" in beauty and why trying to achieve it felt so daunting. Squigs feels the exact opposite. It's inviting, uplifting, and fun. It's a brand that—I'm confident—will spark positive conversation just by first glance, but it'll also encourage endless happy head days for anyone who reaches for a bottle." "I've been using Gooseberry Delight to help separate my curls after wash-and-go styling and rubbing any extra into my cuticles and elbows. Byrdie beauty and fitness editor Jesa Calaor has also been testing Gooseberry Delight and calls it a "dreamy oil" that smoothes flyaways and defines her waves. We're both fans of the subtle, naturally-derived orange peel scent." 



Popsugar Beauty Best Hair Oil 2023 Winner

"Squigs Beauty Double Shot Face Serum is great for all skin types, including those with sensitive and reactive skin types. If your skin leans more dry and dehydrated, the bi-phase formulation provides your skin with a burst of hydration and moisture in just a few drops. It's both deeply hydrating yet lightweight and nonsticky, making it a balancing treat for those with oily or combination skin as well. Depending on your skin type, you can skip out on a moisturizer, essences, or other serums to keep your routine streamlined." READ MORE

"Squigs' specialty is making products that take care of your entire head: face, scalp, and hair. The name comes from a childhood nickname [Charuza] and her sister gave each other, and the brand as a whole embodies the fun, nostalgic vibe of the '90s and early 2000s. 'It's for anyone who thinks good ingredients and good moods go hand in hand,' she says." READ MORE

"The biggest difference I noticed after I finished styling my hair with [Gooseberry Delight Hair Oil] was how soft my ends were — they felt super hydrated and healthy, despite not being trimmed in five months. My hair also had a nice shine that caught the light." READ MORE


Best Bi-Phase Hydrating Serum 2023

"This is another serum where I noticed an immediate change. My skin was dewier-looking instantly, and I loved it so much that I just ran out of my third (!) bottle. I try so many new products all the time, but this is one of the ones that hangs around. If my skin is freaking out, this calms it. If it’s feeling dry, this is an instant fix. If I want a glowy base under my makeup for that lit-from-within, well–hydrated, glass-skin finish, this is the one I use."


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"5 Simple Post-Summer Skincare Beauty Secrets and Saviors" 


"Best Hair Oil For Weak HairThis product doubles as both a treatment and a quick-fix, thanks to a combination of truly hydrating and nourishing oils. You can either apply it all over the hair and scalp and leave overnight, or use just a few drops to tame frizz."



"Glow Recipe’s Christine Chang and Sarah Lee in Conversation With Squigs’s Nikita Charuza" READ MORE



 "There’s a new name in beauty. Meet: Squigs. The Gooseberry Delight Hair Oil is easy to wash out and safe for sensitive skin, without featuring any synthetic fragrances. The Double Shot Face Serum features niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, squalane, and avocado oil, which makes it perfect for dehydrated skin."


"Just as the name suggests, this hair oil is a true delight. It smells incredible — light and fruity, and is yet another product on this list to contain powerhouse hair care ingredient Amla. Other ingredients include coconut, apricot, and orange peel, a refreshing combo that leaves your hair smelling delicious. It's lightweight, and you'll only need a few drops to smooth frizz. Pro tip: Use this to slick back your hair into a bun or ponytail on days when you don't feel like styling for a stunning, sleek look with no flyaways." READ MORE


 “Formulated with skin-loving ingredients such as apricot and strawberry seed oil, Squigs’ Double Shot Face Serum and Gooseberry Delight Hair Oil are delightful products for your face and hair. The hair oil even leaves a yummy scent on your pillows.”


 "Amla oil from the gooseberry plant has also been used as a hair treatment in Indian communities for centuries to promote a healthy scalp and hair growth due to its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Consider adding a weekly moisturizing treatment massaging an oil into the scalp and strands to condition and strengthen hair. We like Squigs Beauty Gooseberry Delight Hair Oil."



 "Squigs’ just-launched hair oil is already winning people over thanks to the amla-infused formula ... that’s lightweight, safe for sensitive scalps, and highly hydrating." READ MORE

“If you’ve got extra sensitive skin this no BS Double Shot Face Serum will do the trick. It’s made with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Read: The formula includes a host of hydrating superheroes like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, squalane, and avocado oil. Trust: It will plump and calm — just be sure to give it a good shake before you apply.” READ MORE


"You know that feeling when you don't even realize you're thirsty but then gulp down a glass of water in seconds? That's what it felt like putting the Squigs hair oil on my strands. The night before the Big Wash Day, I separated my hair into sections and applied the Squigs hair oil, and though the formula is quite viscous, my hair soaked it up. I wasn't worried about it running down onto my face or ruining my pillow." READ MORE


"After hearing only rave reviews about this bi-phase serum, I was excited to find one in a goodie bag recently and, boy, is the hydrating formula worth the hype. I love using it as a first step post-face wash because the trifecta of niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and squalane brightenss, hydrate and moisturizes in one quick step. It's going to be a lifesaver come the dry winter months." READ MORE



 "Founder Nikita Charuza took inspiration from the South Asian tradition of hair oiling to create her brand Squigs — a line that currently features a hair and scalp treatment, Gooseberry Delight Hair Oil, powered by Indian gooseberry or amla oil, which has been regarded as a hair superhero in Indian communities for centuries. The formula also contains oils derived from coconut, castor, kalonji (black cumin or Nigella seeds), apricot kernel, and orange peel for an elevated head and scalp massage experience which will result in hydrated, glossy hair. Also within the line is a hydrating face serum that uses tulsi, turmeric, and neem extract, all long-time essentials in Indian skin care routines."


 “A new entry to the world of playful, not-Millennial Pink-packaged brands aimed at Gen Z is Squigs. The brand debuted with “headcare” products, including a product for the scalp and a product for the face.”